CIVIS Project - Center for Resources in General Education



CIVIS personnel will be developing student learning modules (SLM) on topics such as global awareness, social impact, writing in the disciplines, financial and information literacy. SLM can be constructed from many sources such as books, movies, novels, journals, videos. Because the modules could be integrated into very diverse courses and for a diverse audience, they need to be stand-alone. Each module must start with the fundamentals, be generic and provide an overview of the topic, so that other professors can adapt and use them without the need for deep prior knowledge on the topic. Each College can expand the modules to specifically address the specific needs of their students. Professors can integrate the modules as they feel best complement their courses, depending upon the nature of the topic under discussion and the intended audience of the module. The modules are not intended for substituting any UPRM course, but to provide students with an awareness of various issues, as well as an introduction to the courses available at UPRM in each of the module topics. There are over 10 disciplines represented and various collaborators that will be working in module development. The SLM standard length will be 3 hours, although the time will remain flexible. Professors will receive guidance and help from CIVIS faculty on the integration of the modules in their specific disciplines, including from their respective College Faculty Liaison.